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Legal Nurse Consulting

Medical Malpractice


Legal Nurse Consultants play a vital role in medical malpractice cases.

Researching and understanding the applicable standard of care and regulatory requirements is critical to a successful outcome.  By hiring me as your Legal Nurse Consultant at the beginning of the litigation, my expertise can prove invaluable in recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the cases from a medical perspective.

As your Legal Nurse Consultant, my clinical experience and knowledge can assist you with understanding deviations in the standard of care, evaluate the damages, and interpret pertinent medical information. I provide a professional, candid and insightful method of addressing issues and a basic, common sense way of explaining the complexities inherent in these kinds of cases. It is critical to know if you have a bad case or if there are serious weaknesses in a case, I can isolate and identify them before your opponent does.

"The reports and your last evaluation of the specials were all WONDERFUL.  I mean, seriously, very well done.  I’m very, very pleased with your work and will continue to ask for your help on these kinds of cases.


"The case settled for the money we offered months ago and based solely on your review and recommendations.  Thanks again!"

Jim Biggart, Esq.

Banker Lopez Gassler

Tallahassee, FL

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