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Legal Nurse Consulting

Nursing Home Litigation

Nursing home litigation is a complex and challenging area of the law.  As your Legal Nurse Consultant, I am familiar with the standard of care and the types of claims made in these cases and have successfully collaborated with nursing home attorneys on a variety of matters. These include pressure ulcers, dehydration, deterioration of chronic conditions, falls and fractures, malnutrition, medication errors and wrongful death.  I understand the unique concerns and issues involved with these matters and are especially attentive to the trend toward out-patient health care.

“I employed Nena to help me locate some experts in the medical field. Not only was Nena prompt, she was tenacious and stayed after me. Nena provided me with several options to choose from, and she did the ground work I did not have time to do. One issue in the legal nurse consulting field is the ability for the nurse to fully understand the issues and to be able to relate that to the case and the experts. Nena had no problem with that, and she was able to find the expert we needed. Based on my experience with Nena, I would highly recommend her to other attorneys who need nurse consulting work or someone to locate a highly qualified expert for the case.”

Jon E. Lewis, Esq. Lewis, Feldman, and Lehane Birmingham, Al.



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