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Things to consider when hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant:


When working with a Legal Nurse Consultant communication is crucial for several reasons:

1. You want to ensure your Legal Nurse Consultant is a good communicator because that is precisely what you are hiring him/her to do; communicate your case in a language that is easy to understand and can be utilized before a judge, jury, or another attorney to promote an outcome in your favor.

2. Your Legal Nurse Consultant needs to understand your needs and provide only those services necessary to assist you in building a strong case with the goal of a successful resolution. 

3. Your Legal Nurse Consultant should be willing to learn your case, inside and out, providing efficient and effective communication, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and time-saving approaches in the litigation process.

As your Legal Nurse Consultant, I believe effective communication leads to efficiency and productiveness.  This includes active listening for a thorough understanding of your requests. Your time is money, so a concise understanding of your needs and expectations is critical in providing only the services you want, and communicating in the manner and time-frame you request.

Professional Network

Your Legal Nurse Consultant must have a professional network upon which to draw necessary experts, often crucial to the case.  You want a Legal Nurse Consultant who has access to experts in a variety of fields; the more resources you have at your fingertips, the more thoroughly your case will be covered.

As your Legal Nurse Consultant, I have access to a vast network of experts, and can quickly and effectively identify, locate, and evaluate the necessary experts.  In addition I can serve as your liaison to these experts, conferring with them as necessary on the medical aspects of the case.

Technology can equal power.  It allows lawyers to get things done efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly.  Your Legal Nurse Consultant should be knowledgeable and have access to up-to-date technologies to properly prepare for and execute a case.  

As your Legal Nurse Consultant, I utilize the Lexis Nexis CaseMap Software Suite to provide chronologies and organize the major components of litigation cases more quickly and effectively.  This enables me to link facts, legal issues, and involved parties in relational spreadsheets for ready access and analysis.  This can dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to produce reports, lists, and motions for summary judgment.  In addition, the TimeMap component of this software allows me to simplify multiple case facts into clear, understandable timeline visuals that allow litigation teams and courtroom players to grasp vital case facts quickly.

Utilize your time and resources to your best advantage; hire me as your collaborator and strategist.  As your Legal Nurse Consultant, you will have a strong, thorough, and aggressive advocate to represent you, and your client’s interests.


Hester Legal Nurse Consultants offers a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work product, notify us within five business days of receipt of our work. At your request, we will make revisions to meet your specifications or we will waive the fee for this service. All revision requests must be made in writing.