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Legal Nurse Consulting

Transportation Industry


Transportation litigation is high-powered and complex, and it brings together many elements of the consummate trial lawyer's practice. Nearly every case involves significant claims for complex, often catastrophic injuries, or even death.  

My extensive Legal Nurse Consulting experience in transportation litigation makes me ideally suited to contribute important information at every stage in the litigation process, including explaining complex issues in layman terms, suggesting strategies, investigating and uncovering facts, and determining pre-existing injuries and co-morbidities.

My expertise in analyzing medical records, identifying pre-existing conditions of the plaintiff, and providing billing analysis, for comparison and correlation to the allegations, has enabled my clients to save over $1,000,000 in health care claims.

My supervisor and I reviewed your report this morning and it is fabulous! Exactly what I needed for tomorrow! I anticipate that it won’t settle and there will be more records for you. Another compliment for you…your reports are proof-read and well edited. One of my supervisor’s pet peeves are professional reports with typos, and your reports are so well done. He was really impressed!

Stacy Rowell, Esq. SEFL Manager of Accident Claims/Legal Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc. Columbia, S.C.

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